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Dania, Ridaa, and PK - Founders of Daleel

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Founded in Bahrain as the brainchild of three tech enthusiasts, Daleel is on a mission to simplify the world of finance.

Over the years, we’ve struggled with finding the right financial products for ourselves. We found the whole process to be long, tedious and overwhelming. Until one day we had enough of that, and decided to do something about it. Daleel was founded to help you save time, make better choices and grow your wealth. We’re committed to improving financial wellbeing in the MENAP region and helping customers like yourself lead healthier lives.

But why are we passionate about that? Because, financial wellness is critical to our overall health.  When people talk about health and wellness, they talk about the importance of exercise, good food and a good routine – but not necessarily what’s in your bank account. And in a region where financial stress looms large, we feel like it is our responsibility to step up and help people take charge of their finances in a better way.

Prashant Shrivastava - Founder of Daleel
Ridaa Shah - Founder of Daleel

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Dania Alshowaikh - Founder of Daleel
Ridaa Shah - Founder of Daleel

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Daleel’s loan calculators can help you understand how long it could take you to pay down debt, estimate the amount of monthly installments you can can afford, and much more. And the best part is, it is free to use.

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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

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