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We’re on a journey to transform the way you navigate the world of finance, by creating a connected journey between financial institutions and everyday people.

For individuals 

Finding the right financial products is hard in MENA. Individuals like yourself find it hard to search, compare, and find the best products that meet your needs.

So we designed Daleel’s mobile application to help you in every step of your financial journey and help you make better decisions by managing your finances more seamlessly.

Whether you’re looking for traditional banking products or the newer fintech products like crypto and share trading, Daleel has got you covered!

For banks and financial institutions

We understand that banks and financial institutions need better tools and deeper insights to better serve their customers.

This is where Daleel comes in, we have built a fully-fledged B2B application that allows our financial partners to leverage rich insights to acquire new customers, roll out new products and target leads more effectively.

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Daleel Awards
Daleel Awards

Trusted by 12+ banks and financial institutions

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Partners' logos
Dania, Ridaa, and PK - Founders of Daleel

Our story

Founded in Bahrain as the brainchild of three tech enthusiasts, Daleel is on a mission to simplify the world of finance.

While working with banks and regulators in the MENA region, we identified a big problem with finding the right financial products. We found the whole process to be cumbersome – long, tedious, and overwhelming. And with changing customer needs and expectations, we had to step in to create a connected journey that helps individuals make sense of the complicated financial world and help banks and financial institutions offer personalised products and target leads more efficiently. Thus, improving financial well-being and creating a more inclusive and aware financial world.

But why are we passionate about that? Because financial wellness is critical to our overall health. When people talk about health and wellness, they talk about the importance of exercise, good food, and a good routine – but not necessarily what’s in your bank account. And in a region where financial stress looms large and financial literacy rates are very low, we feel like it is our responsibility to step up and help people take charge of their finances in a better way and help financial partners by co-creating more personalised products that make a change.

Join our community

We believe in the power of building a strong community that carries our vision forward. If you are passionate about being part of the movement to improve financial well-being in the MENA region, we would love to get to know you.

As a Daleel community member, you will be able to test our latest features, get early access to all our events and be part of our product workshops. Are you interested?

A quote we live by

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

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